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A Made In Pakistan product that combats climate change and cuts energy consumption of Air-Conditioning. Expect your electricity bills to go down by 50%

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About Bfreeze

Making heating and cooling affordable and eco-friendly

Bfreeze is a Pakistan based Private Limited Company that is developing indigenously made technological HVACR products. Our products come from research work done in Pakistan within our climatic conditions and are fine tuned for the needs of customers in the hot and humid climate of the country.


Bfreeze provides design services for HVACR and MEP sector.

HVACR services

Low-cost Air-Conditioning

We provide complete ducting service with a range of products for chiller selection based on the most efficient options available in the market. We offer year-round maintenance service indefinitely.

Solar Water Heating

Hot water 24/7

We design Solar heating systems offering you hot water supply 24/7 without gas or electricity consumption. We provide design advisory and installation service all over Pakistan.

MEP Advisory

Long-term safety

For residential buildings, we provide advisory regarding material selection and layout of water piping and chilling system. We offer material choices that would last for up to 50 years compared to market-popular options.

01. Air conditioners

Indirect evaporators that cool your room in the absolute worst climates without adding humidity for 80% lower energy than any Air Conditioner.

02. Portable AC

Keep these wherever you want. They will throw cool air at you for hours upon hours. But don’t expect them to cool down your whole room really quick.

03. Solar Geysers

Gives you hot water 24/7 without using any gas.

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